Managing - Relu data policy

Relu has its own data policy to optimise the managing and sharing of research data. Implemented in 2004, the policy is based on ESRC and NERC data policies and aims to advance current best practices in data sharing.

The Relu data policy takes the view that:

  • publicly-funded research data are a valuable, long term resource
  • data from Relu projects should be well managed by researchers to exploit them to the maximum
  • data must be made available for archiving when research projects finish
  • data management is supported by Relu
  • post-programme data management is the responsibility of the Research Councils via existing data service providers

Under the Relu data policy, award holders are required to:

  • prepare a data management plan at the start of a research project
  • follow professional codes of conduct in research, especially regarding ethical issues
  • properly manage research data during research
  • offer datasets and accompanying metadata resulting from a Relu project to the UK Data Archive for archiving, within three months of project completion

View the Relu data management policy

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