The Explore Data section of the Relu Knowledge Portal provides access to hundreds of datasets and other outputs resulting from Relu research projects. Search for a subject of interest, and use the filters to refine down your results. Core information for each project can be found with links to the data and output files elsewhere online.

Searching and browsing

You will search and browse simultaneously through the entire collection of project records, datasets and outputs.

By default the Results show all available records. You can refine your results by one of the facets (filters) in the right column:

  • All results can be filtered according to their type: dataset, output or project.
  • Projects can be filtered according to time period (year), research theme and interdisciplinary methods used
  • Datasets can be filtered according to research methodology, data type, date of publication and geography
  • Publications can be filtered according to year of publication.

Showing information

From each search results the VIEW FULL RECORD link shows an overview of the Relu project with all its resulting datasets, publications and outputs.

Accessing the data and publications

Links in the search results lead directly to locations where the data and outputs can be accessed and downloaded.

Data with accompanying documentation are held by the UK Data Archive and the Environmental Information Data Centre. Data files can be downloaded from their respective data catalogues:

  • ESDS data catalogue
  • CEH Information Gateway

In these catalogues, more detailed data records and documentation are available.

Research outputs are held in the ESRC Research Catalogue, either with a digital file attached, or with link to for example the journal or project web site.

To download data from ESDS, you will be asked to register with the ESDS and sign an End User Licence. This is an easy and fast process that uses the UK Access Management Federation system. As a UK academic you can log in using your institutional username and password. As a non-UK users, the ESDS data catalogue will explain how to request log-in credentials.

Data files not available

If data files are not available yet, the research is either still ongoing, or the data files are being processed by the Relu Data Support Service, or the data are held under embargo for the researchers to finalise their analyses and publications. Such embargo may last for a year after the project ends.

ESDS data catalogue

The ESDS data catalogue holds all social, economic and agricultural datasets of Relu projects.

CEH Information Gateway

The CEH Information Gateway holds all environmental and ecological datasets of Relu projects.

ESRC Research Catalogue

The ESRC Research Catalogue holds all publications, reports, presentations and other outputs of Relu projects.