Managing food chain risks

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Award: RES-224-25-0090
Policy and Practice Note
Impact Statement
PI: Richard Shepherd, Department of Psychology, University of Surrey
Dates: 01/02/2005 - 30/07/2008
During crises such as BSE, E coli and foot and mouth disease there is often a narrow, technical response to the problem. This project incorporates the thinking and values of stakeholders into the scientific modelling of food chain risks, focusing on three contrasting case studies: pesticide residues in fruit crops, campylobacter in chickens and a mock crisis scenario. Producers, non-governmental organisations, regulators, risk managers and members of the public have been involved in defining the problem, discussing their understanding of risk and suggesting how it might be communicated most effectively.

Data created

Consumer behaviour towards food chain risks survey
Survey to quantify the impact on consumer behaviour of presenting information on food chain risk and uncertainty in different ways; using three case studies: (CS1) pesticide residues on apples and pears; (CS2) campylobacter in chickens; (CS3) a crisis scenario related to contaminated chicken feed. Data collected by postal surveys.


Data type: Quantitative
Data format: SPSS
Sample size: Case study 1: 133 parents and 188 adults. Case study 2: 139 adults. Case study 3: 214 adults.
Country: United Kingdom
Status: Data released

Publications and outputs

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Research summary (2)
Non-technical summary
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Non-technical summary


Conference paper (1)
Tools for assessing and managing food chain risks
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