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Landscape as an integrating framework for rural policy and planning

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Award: RES-224-25-0119
PI: Paul Selman, Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield
Dates: 01/02/2005 - 29/06/2005
Whilst ‘landscape’ has often been treated as a purely sectoral or specialist issue in land use decisions, it can more positively be viewed as an over-arching device for comprehending patterns and processes of countryside change. This Development Activity reflects our growing acknowledgement of landscape as a multifunctional, rather than essentially visual, construct. To this end, it will: (1) produce a review paper examining the role of the rural cultural landscape – both as ‘container’ and ‘network’ – as a nexus of social, economic, natural and built ‘capital’; (2) elaborate a conceptual and practical model in which landscape is seen as a framework for area-based rural governance, rural data management, policy delivery and stakeholder participation; (3) suggest how this model might be tested by future, inter-disciplinary research; (4) conclude with a seminar/workshop in which the nature and implications of an integrative landscape model can be debated and disseminated. In so doing, it will explore landscape units as settings for a virtuous circle in which rural economic recovery, healthy lifestyles, sustainable environmental services and place-distinctiveness are mutually reinforcing; and it will broach impending major policy issues, such as the re-casting of protected areas as sustainability ‘greenprints’, and regeneration of rural economies through valorisation of local identity.
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Publications and outputs

Article (2)
On the nature of virtuous change in cultural landscapes : exploring sustainability through qualitative models
Paul Selman; Melanie Knight

Landscape as a focus for integrating human and environmental processes
Paul Selman; Robin Matthews

Conference paper (1)
Landscape as an integrating framework
Paul Selman

Workshop (1)
Landscapes as a focus for integrating human and environmental processes
P. Selman; N/A Data Resources Scoping Study and The RELU Data Support Service; R. Matthews