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Catchment management for protection of water resources

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Award: RES-229-25-0009
Policy and Practice Note
Policy and Practice Note 2
Project website
PI: Laurence Smith, Centre for Development, Environment and Policy, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Dates: 08/06/2007 - 31/12/2010
Reductions in water pollution have so far mainly been achieved through regulation and investment in waste water treatment, but the underlying water quality problem in much of the UK remains diffuse pollution derived from current and past land use plus atmospheric deposition. Best management practices and buffers that protect water courses and recharge zones can achieve much, but ultimately changes in land use may be needed in the worst affected areas. Researchers look at the means, the governance needs, and the costs and benefits of alternative approaches, drawing on an analysis of international experience and investigation of two UK case study catchments.

Data created

Catchment management survey
Survey and interviews of catchment management groups in England and Wales on catchment management for the protection of water resources.


Data type: Qualitative; Quantitative
Data format: MS Excel; PDF
Sample size: survey with 39 community groups; interviews with 7 statutory groups
Country: United Kingdom
Status: Data released
Catchment stakeholder workshop reports
Reports documenting reactions, comment and debate at stakeholder workshop, discussing catchment management options to protect water resources and the lessons from international experience for two UK catchemnts: the River Tamar and the River Thurne.


Data type: Qualitative
Data format: PDF
Sample size: 11 stakeholder workshops
Country: United Kingdom
Status: Data released
Farmer attitude survey
Survey of farmer attitudes to long term land management agreements (1000-year intergenerational agreements) for the protection of water resources in catchment areas.


Data type: Quantitative
Data format: Excel
Sample size: 42 farmers
Country: United Kingdom
Status: Data released