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The governance of livestock disease

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Award: RES-229-25-0016
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Project website
PI: Graham Medley, School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick
Dates: 01/11/2007 - 30/10/2010
Nobody wants to see animals suffering. As well as concerns about their welfare, we know that sick animals produce less meat and milk, and provide less profit. Animal disease can also seriously affect consumer demand at home and abroad, with an effect on the economy. A range of issues around several different cattle diseases are considered, how policy on one disease affects others and how different organisational levels interact and result in the levels of disease we have.

Data created

Farmer interviews on cattle disease control
Farmers’ attitudes to endemic cattle disease, the availability of information sources, their relationship with their veterinarian, who decides what resources are used to control diseases and the decisions farmers make to control disease in cattle on their farms.


Data type: Qualitative
Data format: MS Word
Sample size: 30 farmers
Country: United Kingdom
Status: Data released
Cattle disease database
Relational database of questionnaire survey with farmers and serological data of blood samples taken from cattle on farms. Data collection was funded by DEFRA - SE3026, Bovine TB transmission in restocked herds: risk factors and dynamics, Jun 2002 – Mar 2006. Serum samples were subsequently analysed (ELISA test) for antibodies to five endemic diseases in a project funded by BBSRC - BBS/B/04854 The epidemiology and transmission dynamics of endemic infectious disease in the British Cattle Population, Oct 2004 – Feb 2008.


Data type: Quantitative
Data format: CSV;SQL
Sample size: survey with 148 farmers; serum samples taken from all cattle on subset of 114 farms
Country: United Kingdom
Status: Data released

Publications and outputs

Article (4)
Crossing the interdisciplinary divide : political science and biological science
Justin Greaves; Wyn Grant

Endemic cattle diseases: comparative epidemiology and governance
D. Carslake; H. Weldegebriel; J. Greaves; J. Cave; W. Grant; L. E. Green; J. McEldowney; G. F. Medley; M. Keeling

Intractable policy failure : the case of bovine TB and badgers
Wyn Grant

Animal health and welfare : a case study of science, law and policy in a regulatory environment
David Carslake; Jonathan Cave; Graham Medley; Laura Green; Wyn Grant; Habtu Weldegebriel; John McEldowney; Matthew Keeling; Justin Greaves

Report (3)
Policy-making for animal and plant diseases : a changing landscape?
Katy Wilkinson; Peter Mills; Graham Medley

Bovine tuberculosis : a problem for farmers, conservationists and policymakers
Graham Medley; Angela Cassidy

Response to the BVD consultation of the Scottish Government
Graham Medley; Habtu Weldegebriel; Wyn Grant

Paper (5)
Interdisciplinary research : some practical, methodological and philosophical reflections
Justin Greaves

Consultation on a new independent body for animal health
Graham Medley; David Carslake; Jonathan Cave; Habtu Weldegebriel; Wyn Grant; Justin Greaves; Laura Green; John McEldowney; Matthew Keeling

Responsibility and cost sharing for animal health and welfare : next steps consultation paper Defra, April 2008
Graham Medley; Wyn Grant; Jonathan Cave; Laura Green; John McEldowney

Defining animal health and welfare : consultation on the draft Animal Health Bill 2010
Graham Medley; Justin Greaves; Habtu Weldegebriel; Wyn Grant; Matt Keeling; Laura Green; John McEldowney; David Carslake; Jonathan Cave

Response to the consultation on the simplification of livestock movement rules and holding identifiers in England
Matthew Vernon; Matthew Keeling; Graham Medley

Website (3)
Governance of livestock disease (GoLD)
Graham Medley; Justin Greaves; John McEldowney; Laura Green; Habtu Weldegebriel; Jonathan Cave; Wyn Grant; Matt Keeling; David Carslake

Governance of livestock disease (GoLD)
Graham Medley; Matt Keeling; Laura Green; David Carslake; Justin Greaves; Wyn Grant; Jonathan Cave; John McEldowney; Habtu Weldegebriel

Governance of Livestock Disease (GoLD)
Graham Medley

Conference paper (3)
Bovine tuberculosis: a problem for farmers, conservationists and policymakers
Graham Medley; Angela Cassidy

State veterinarians : the construction of rural expertise in England
Wyn Grant; Justin Greaves

What has political science ever done for agricultural economics?
Wyn Grant

Book chapter (1)
Governance of livestock disease
Justin Greaves; Graham Medley; Habtu Weldegebriel; David Carslake