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Norfolk Broads futures

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Award: RES-229-27-0006
PI: Katy Appleton, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia
Dates: 05/10/2008 - 04/10/2011
The Norfolk Broads is a unique and fragile multifunctional landscape, providing wildlife habitat, recreational space, food, materials and employment. Since recreational and tourism use is likely to grow, development and land use change to support this must be carefully managed to keep the multiple functions in balance and ensure sustainability. Based on scenarios of possible future changes, the effects on biodiversity and ecosystem functions and the rural economy will be assessed.

Data created

Countryside recreation survey
Questionnaire survey - both online and in person - to gather information on the location preferences of those undertaking recreation in the area, including assessment of the importance of various landscape factors in location choice. In-person surveys were carried out at sites within the study area. Online questionnaires were advertised to local residents and outdoor recreation participants via email, online forums and social media. The questionnaire used multiple-choice, rating and free-response questions, as well as one spatial response on preferred location.


Data type: Qualitative;Quantitative
Data format: SPSS;shapefile
Sample size: 137 respondents: 66 in person and 71 online.
Country: United Kingdom
Status: Data released