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Management options for biodiverse farming

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Award: RES-227-25-0025
Policy and Practice Note
Project website
PI: William Sutherland, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge
Dates: 31/08/2006 - 31/12/2009
Natural and social scientists look at the social, economic and political factors underlying farming practice, and the implications for biodiversity when farmers decide to change what they do or how they do it. This is done using ecological models to predict how key biodiversity indicators such as weeds and birds will respond to the way the land is managed.

Data created

Arable weed survey data
Census of arable weed populations on ca. 500 fields in 49 farms over three years. Each field was divided into large grids of 20x20 m cells, and the density of seven species was estimated three times a year iin 20x20 m grid cells in 2-4 ha per field.


Data type: Quantitative
Data format: tab-delimited text
Sample size: 49 farms, 500 fields
Country: England
Status: Data released
Farmer interview data
Interviews on economic attitudes and preferences associated with and importance of different land-use objectives to lowland arable farmers.


Data type: Quantitative
Data format: MS Excel
Sample size: 47 farmers
Country: England
Status: Data released

Publications and outputs

Article (4)
Density-Structured Models for Plant Population Dynamics
Robert P. Freckleton; William J. Sutherland; Andrew R. Watkinson; Simon A. Queenborough

Modelling the effects of management on population dynamics : some lessons from annual weeds
Robert Freckleton; William Sutherland; Phillip Stephens; Andrew Watkinson

Making predictive ecology more relevant to policy makers and practitioners
W. J. Sutherland; R. P. Freckleton

From meso- to macroscale population dynamics: a new density-structured approach
Simon A. Queenborough; William J. Sutherland; Andrew R. Watkinson; Kirsty M. Burnet; Robert P. Freckleton